Baby Photo Shoot Ideas

baby photo shoot ideas

Original image credit: Flickr user fumpt

Taking baby photos, especially professional ones, is something I wish we’d done more when our children were newborns. We see our friends and relatives posting these spectacular photos with the most adorable baby poses, and we can’t help but feel a pang of regret. Think about it: your baby is changing and growing every day. Can you really afford not to set aside some time for preserving those precious moments?

Done right, your baby’s first photos will be absolute treasures for the rest of your lives.┬áTo find inspiration, I collected a number of adorable baby photo shoot ideas on Pinterest. The images below are on Pinterest (not my server), so please keep in mind that some may be subject to copyright.

Once you have your ideas, be sure to check out our article on 8 things to do with baby photos.

Newborn Baby Photos

These precious shots are all about putting the baby in cute little containers like crates, baskets, and suitcases.

baby photo shoot 1 baby photo shoot 2 baby photo shoot 3
A cute pose in a wooden “boat” with knit hat and fish, for your future angler. Baby kissing booth pose… now that’s five cents well spent! A suitcase on a road out in the country. Your baby has to sit up for this one.

Sleeping Baby Photos

A sleeping newborn is a precious (and rare) thing… I love how these babies aren’t all bundled up, so you can see their cute little bodies.

sleeping baby photo sleeping baby photo shoot
I love the pose at the top with the chin in hands… how did they do that? This is a sweet little headband, essentially the same pose done three different times.

Mom and Baby Photo Shoot

Mom and baby poses are ones that you’ll cherish, and great for moms or dads to show off at work.

mom and baby photo shoot mom and baby photo mom and baby photo ideas
Mom and baby pose in yen-yang fashion. Another cute pose; I love the mom’s hair. It helps if you look like a model. But if you don’t, this sweet pose of a mom kissing baby is a classic, no make-up required!

Other Cute Baby Photos

Here are some other cute ideas with props, dads, and clever focus techniques.

Cute baby photos Baby photo ideas
A classy chair out in the forest… there’s something magical about it though I wish you could see more of baby’s face. I absolutely love this elegant old leather suitcase… I’ll bet it’s soft and smells like her dad, which is why she’s fast asleep.
Dad and baby photo shoot Cute baby photo Baby in boots photo
Don’t forget a dad and baby pose; these are super-cute. Everything is soft and fluffy in this photo. Babies in boots = cutest thing ever.
Baby foot photo Baby feet photo ideas
Baby feet with the parents’ wedding rings on the big toes! I love this pose and the monochrome. The same pose, from a different angle. Is that really dad’s ring? Yowza.

What To Do With Baby Photos

free photobook on snapfishSo you’ve taken your adorable baby photos, picked out the absolute favorites, and made all of your friends jealous on Facebook or Pinterest. What now? Sure, you can dump the image files into massive folders on your computer, never to be seen again. But I like the idea of turning a baby photo shoot into a more permanent keepsake in the form of a photobook.

You can design photobooks on Snapfish with your own photos — they let you pick the layout, colors, captions, and everything. It’s a fun way to actually do something with your baby photos, and they make great gifts for friends and family too.