Your Baby’s First Halloween Fun

Baby's first halloween fun

Image Credit: surlygirl on Flickr

Halloween manages to be our favorite holiday every year. There are just so many things to love about it: the change of seasons, the costumes, the parties, and of course the free candy. Maybe it’s the simple fact that there’s no gift-giving or mandatory family get-togethers. No matter the reason, your baby’s first Halloween will be a milestone event.

First, you should be aware that this Halloween celebration will be unlike the others you’ve known. As a kid, you probably remember trick-or-treating with friends and stuffing pillow sacks full of candy. As a young adult, it was more about Halloween parties: drinks, socializing, and wearing costumes that were clever or funny or just scandalous. Maybe scaring the bejesus out of some neighborhood kids by jumping out of bushes.

Your baby’s first Halloween will be fun, but it won’t be the same as before. Trick-or-treating is out… let’s be honest, it’s just you carrying your baby up to someone’s door and asking for candy. Parties going to be different: you won’t get as wild, and probably shouldn’t dress as slutty, as you have before (now that you’re all grown up and a parent and everything). But here are some great ways to enjoy it.

Halloween Photo Shoots

baby halloween photo

Credit: nerdcoregirl on Flickr

We’ve already written about traditional baby photo shoot ideas, so the Halloween version is the first thing that comes to mind. Fall offers many colorful backdrops for photos:

  • Pumpkin patches
  • Piles of leaves in the backyard
  • Tractors and farm fields

Be sure to bundle your little one up to stay warm in those crisp fall breezes. Take lots of photos, post online to make others jealous. Now you’re getting into the spirit of Halloween!

Baby Pumpkins for Halloween

baby halloween pumpkin

Credit: surlygirl on Flickr

There is one requirement for your first Halloween as a new parent, one simple rule that must forever be followed because it’s just so previous. You need to, at some point, dress your baby up as a pumpkin.

This is easy to do, all you really need is a pumpkin hat and an orange onesie. There are little pumpkin costumes for newborns, too. It’s super-cute because babies are kind of pumpkin-shaped anyway, and as a bonus, these tend to be low-maintenance and warm costumes.

Alternatively, you could go with the equally amusing but slightly messier option of putting your baby in a large carved pumpkin. Not for more than a few minutes, of course. They usually hate it.

Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

Last, but certainly not least, are the baby Halloween costumes. This might be the most fun you’ve had in a long, long time. So many cute ideas! If you play your cards right, you can showcase your little one in two or three different costumes this year: one for visiting family or neighbors, one for the Halloween party, one for the trunk-or-treat… you get the idea. I picked out some of my favorite cute, warm, snuggly baby costumes from Walmart:

Baby Oatmeal Bear Halloween Costume Baby Little Lamb Halloween Costume Baby Cow Halloween Costume Baby Cookie Monster Halloween Costume
Oatmeal Bear Pink Lamb Baby Cow Cookie Monster

Pick Your Baby Costumes Now

One bit of advice: don’t wait until mid-October to start looking for a baby costume, because virtually every store within 100 miles of you will be ransacked. You’ll be sifting through trampled piles of mismatched costume pieces, plastic swords, and broken magic wands.

Finally, here’s your bonus idea: find a group costume idea that you and your baby can share. Once we went as Prince Charming, Cinderella, and the “Pumpkin” carriage. For this year we’re looking at video game characters, cowboys, pirates… anything that five people can do. Halloween only comes once a year, so we’re going all out!

Halloween Baby Foods

winter squash baby foodUnfortunately, your baby’s probably too little to enjoy the sweet side of Halloween. But if your little one is on solid food, you can both enjoy the fall season by making your own baby food. All you need is a baby food grinder and some storage tubs/bowls/tupperware. Take a trip to the fruit stand or farmer’s market, and load up on the harvest: yams, acorn squash, butternut squash, carrots, and other fresh vegetables make easy, inexpensive, and nutritious baby foods. You can make a huge batch of it and freeze the containers, enough to last you through the winter. You know, like a squirrel.

Making your own baby food is a topic we’ll have to cover in another article, but it’s certainly one way you should try to make your baby’s first Halloween fun!