About Us

Having a baby, much like weddings, divorces, and moving, is one of life’s great stresses and one of its great joys. There is no way to understand the experience other than to have a baby of your own. It’s just inexplicable.

Having and raising children has proven a tremendous learning experience for us. Every time that I hear a friend or relative is expecting their first, I think to myself,¬†there’s so much I could tell you. Like get a wipe warmer to avoid getting peed on. Check and sippy cups to ensure they’re BPA-free. And don’t use crib bumpers, no matter how cute they are or how much you paid for the bedding set.

Why We Started This Blog

First and foremost, we are not doomsday preppers. We started this blog to help parents (and soon-to-be-parents) get ready for something else: the indescribable life changes that accompany having a baby in the house. It will be, and I promise you this, the most challenging yet thrilling experience you’ve had. I wish I could tell you that it gets easier every day (or with every new child), because it doesn’t.

That’s all right, though, because we’re here to help you through. We have three little ones of our own (a daughter and twin boys) and they’ve proven themselves effective teachers. Many of those lessons we learned the hard way we can pass along to you, if you’re willing. We will prep you for what’s coming! That’s what Baby Preppers is all about.

Please Share with Us!

We aren’t the best parents in the world, or anything close to it. We will certainly to share our experiences here, but we can’t do it alone. That’s why we invite you and other parents to participate in the discussion. Leave us comments, share your experiences, or send us e-mails with any questions you might have.