10 Great Things Daddies Do

10 things daddies do

Original image credit: EtanSivad on Flickr

We love asking our spunky 4-year-old daughter open-ended questions to learn more about how she sees the world. Since it’s Father’s Day, we asked her one of my favorites, “What do daddies do?” Based on her responses, I came up with this list of 10 things daddies do from a child’s sometimes hilarious perspective.

1. Daddies are strong. They carry one or more kids at once, they lift heavy boxes, they lug the stroller or pack-n-play in and out of the car. Theirs is the bike onto which we latch the trailer for the kids. They

2. Daddies fix things. Something shatters, breaks, or comes apart, and Daddy can fix it. He’s a wizard with Scotch tape and superglue. He airs up tires, tightens bolts, and replaces batteries. Millions of dollars are likely saved each year when dads sit down at the kitchen table with their tools and a broken toy.

3. Daddies can reach stuff up high. Compared to a baby or toddler, daddies seem huge. Whenever we need to reach something up high — a bottle in a cabinet, a balloon that’s out of reach, or things on top of the refrigerator — daddy usually gets the call.

4. Daddies kill bugs. Whenever there’s wildlife to be handled, from an ant to a spider to a wayward frog, Daddy usually gets the call. Maybe it’s just a fly, maybe it’s a plague-like influx of junebugs. He may smash it, he may catch and release it, but he’ll certainly get it out of the house!

5. Daddies work outside. They mow the lawn, rake the leaves, and do the most fascinating things with shovels, saws, and other tools. They climb ladders, trim bushes, and clean gutters. They tinker around in the garage for hours. They wind and unwind hoses, dig holes, and sometimes even break out the power-washer.

6. Daddies keep us safe. This is a role as old as the human race, and found across many other species of mammals besides. Daddies keep the bad people and dangerous animals away, they buckle us into our seat belts, they install the child locks and baby gates, and they go to investigate strange things that go bump in the night.

7. Daddies eat a lot. They like the biggest piece of steak, the most mashed potatoes, and seconds on just about everything. If kids need encouragement to grow up big and strong, they’ll take notes!

8. Daddies are fast. They usually win the family footraces. They’re quick to grab a wayward toddler or catch a young ‘un running from threats of bedtime.

9. Daddies take care of us. They help the kids, they help mommy, and they help other families because they understand that everyone needs a hand from time to time. They even help strangers, an example that makes a powerful lesson for those watchful little eyes.

10. Daddies plays with kids like they’re kids themselves. They become the monster in the cave. They take turns giving and taking chases or tickles. They climb up in tunnels, go down slides, and jump in the pool. That may be why kids love daddies so much… they’re fun!